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Oct 03, 2011


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Apparently this is a hold-over from 1984 and have always been on the Mac OS. Probably the Lisa too. http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/56363/what-advantage-does-clicking-a-menu-separator-have

Originally menu prototypes assumed users would click-and-hold-drag-release to open a menu and select an item. In such a situation, the menu should disappear when the release happen, no matter where it happens (even the separator). But when the world evolved to the click-release-move-click-release model, Apple didn't catch up.

This is one thing that frustrates me most when actively using Mac OS as I'm a heavy Windows user and I'm so thankful Bill Gates didn't do something so stupid. Can you believe that Steve Jobs DIED while this thing was still broken? I have heard that Apple does a lot of usability studies to make their OS user-friendly. But didn't they ever think about this nuisance? Perhaps they only tested their usability with heavy Mac users and didn't bother about testing it with Windows users switching to Mac!

Sorry for the rant, but mis-clicking and closing the menu is annoying me so much.

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